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Dr Adam Perchard's Bathtime for Britain

Wash away the last of the pandemic blues with this non-stop parade of big hits, belly laughs, booming vocals, and Liberace-level costumery from queer cabaret legend Dr Adam Perchard.

When Covid strikes, nightlife icon Dr Adam Perchard must leave the dazzle and glamour of life as an international superstar and move back to the family farm in Jersey. But it is here, in their childhood bathroom, that they rediscover themselves – one epic pop hit at a time!

David Bowie, Kate Bush, Queen and Whitney are among the host of stars given a glow-up in this heart-warming, life-affirming journey through the imagination. Swings, showers of rose petals, camp deities, dancing cakes, and enough rhinestones to clad the Millennium Dome… all add up to one joyful realisation: that sometimes it can take a lockdown to unlock you.

Fire up the group Whatsapp and pour yourself a Babycham, babs – it's time to sing your soapy hearts out!


"Hugely talented"

The Times

"Brilliantly funny"

Time Out


The Financial Times