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Blue Apple Theatre

Blue Apple's Wizard of Oz


If this is the Wizard of Oz then who is the old lady in the Hampshire care home, and why are we moving from 2022, to 1970 and 1898?

As memories fade and the mind plays its tricks, is someone confusing reality with childhood stories or Hollywood movies?

"I should have never trusted that damned-fool Baum man, shifty. Took everything I said and wrote it right down, in black and white. Not an original thought under his hat. And don't get me started on that darned film! Ruby shoes indeed! The shoes were silver, the most beautiful things I ever saw. Silver...I should know...I wore them."

Yes there are cowardly lions, confused scarecrows and a tin man searching for a heart – but this is Blue Apple Theatre taking on a classic, so expect the unexpected and be prepared to see the familiar from a fresh perspective.

Watch online

We will be livestreaming a number of these performances. If you would like to watch the performance from the comfort of your own home please visit Blue Apple's Wizard of Oz Live Online for booking information and availability.

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