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Beatles By Girls

Beatles by Girls… what’s in a name.

This all-female group of stunning musicians will take you on an imaginary trip to 1960's Liverpool.

You will rediscover the Beatles' music, from a lady's point of view, as you have never heard it before.

With unique, bespoke arrangements, the beautiful Beatles By Girls will have you singing all the familiar tunes.

Hey Jude, Penny Lane, Eight Days A Week, Let It Be, Michelle, Yellow Submarine, Come Together.

  • Jolien Thijs – vocals
  • Florence Sabeva – piano & vocals
  • Juju Vagabond – guitars
  • Judith Renkema – bass
  • Janneke Van Heeswyk – drums & vocals

The Fab strings :

  • Melissa Schaak
  • Marina Lepesevich
  • Ekaterina Ene