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Huskee Cups in our Cafe Bar

Did you know that we use and sell Huskee Cups in our Cafe Bar?

They're so called because of the coffee husks that go in to making them.

These husks are an organic by-product of coffee production so using them makes the production of the cups sustainable, while helping to recycle the hundreds of tonnes of husks created during coffee production, which would otherwise end up in landfill.

The Huskee Cup was awarded Best in Class at 2018’s Good Design Awards – Australia’s most prestigious award for design and innovation – and has been designed to keep drinks hotter for longer, with the ‘fins’ not only a sleek design feature but make the cup comfortable to hold and protect your hands from the heat of the drink.

They’re reusable, durable, dishwasher friendly, stain resistant and nontoxic – and we’re selling the 8oz sized cups - which come with a reusable lid, made from the same material – for £14 each.

So you can take one away with you after your visit, to enjoy at home.

They come in natural or black.

Plus, when you buy one you get a free Americano or tea!

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