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Dick Whittington cast go Christmas shopping at The Brooks!

This week panto rivals Dick Whittington and King Rat were seen larking about at The Brooks Shopping Centre in Winchester.

They had taken a break from winning hearts and minds– or meddling, in King Rat’s case!

Our panto hero and villain were joined by the beautiful Dame Dolly Dumpling and love interest Alice Fitzwarren – eager to see what bargains could be had in the shopping centre.

The Dame was spotted pondering the latest fashions, browsing several comical graphic tees, while Dick took an unusual fancy to a Frozen-themed baseball cap.

In the toyshop he found the courage to give Alice, the girl of his dreams, a huge cuddly toy, which she seemed very pleased with, grinning from ear to ear!

The mischievous King Rat tried to make an escape, hiding from everyone behind a huge stash of giant teddies.

Alice and Dame Dolly posed for selfies while King Rat pulled a grimace after picking up a puzzle of his sworn enemy – cats!

Finally, our foolish but loveable hero, Dick, tried taking a toy car (meant for kids) for a spin…

Thank goodness it was screwed to the floor or he would have got in all sorts of trouble with centre security!

After a lot of messing around, they were round up and taken back to the theatre in one piece – ready for another day of entertaining the masses.

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